A Girl’s Fashion Guide to Beach Holiday


Hey Lovely ladies!!

So, all your plans are set for an exotic beach holiday but you are unable to plan up your outfits for the same?
Well, I’m here to help you with tips about what all to pack in your bags for that Sunny, fun-filled gateaway!

1) The Maxi Dress

Believe it or not but there is nothing more breezy and comfortable than a fun-printed or solid colored long maxi dress.

These dresses are easily available at online shopping portals and comes for reasonable prices.

A few of the Maxi dresses that I personally own and were bought online.blogbbFolklore-Purple-Maxi-Dress_1_5302677dce138a487f8562a539208c61Harpa-Off-White-Colored-Printed-Maxi-Dress-1475-766228-1-pdp_slider_l

Other images for your look inspiration 🙂


2) The Midi Dress

Ladies, midi dresses mean the dress whose length falls in between your knee and ankle (Somewhere mid-calf). These dresses are usually super comfy, if chosen the right fit and comes in a wide variety in terms of material, prints and colors.


3) Skirts

Just close your eyes and think about S-K-I-R-T-S… Yes, I know many visuals just passed through your mind…
There are many many types of this versatile clothing category.

Maxi Skirts:







Aren’t these absolutely gorgeous?… Yes, they are.. 😛

Midi Skirts:




Hi-Low Skirts:


KSC picure high low              5under50-highlowskirt01How_to_Wear_a_High_Low_Skirt_1

Well, these are the styles that looks best at the beach and are comfortable as well.. You may want to avoid wearing a short skirt to the beach as the breeze may make you feel uncomfortable. Denim skirts are also an option, but again they are heavy, thus making it uncomfortable if it gets wet.

4) Shorts

Pull up a pair of shorts, team it up with your favorite top and have fun by playing in the water or taking a stroll on the beach… let the waves greet you and touch your feet.. 🙂


flower-shorts-05Denim-Shorts-and-a-White-Shirt-Classic-Summer-Street-Style-Combo-1                                        2016-Women-Shorts-Spring-Summer-Hot-Pants-Casual-Shorts-Printed-Short-Pants-Shorts-Femininas-Free-Shipping.jpg_640x640



5) Tops

Yes, this category had to be here..  So, here are a few styles that you can team up with your skirts, shorts or Capri and look absolutely stunning at the beach.

The Classic White Tee:

This one goes with anything and everything..


The Crop Tops


img-thing (1)Global-Desi-Red-Embroidered-Crop-Top-2119-6561691-1-catalog_mc0cee36ac1ff0a2ec728355a10ca1f9d

The Hi-Low Tops:

As the name suggests, these tops have an asymmetrical hemline… usually short at the front and longer at the back. These tops are a win win for you if you’ve a heavier back. These look highly chic when teamed up with shorts.







Maxi Tops

These are long tops often till the ankle or floor and teamed up with shorts, jeans, leggings or palazzo.

PhotoGrid_1457939272093.                                                         maxi






6) Hats

Beach holidays are incomplete without hats… They save you from the sun while making you absolutely Gorgeous.

$_35 (1)2ce63b0d6605b4b936606d3005dea3a1



7) Sunglasses

When I think about Beach holidays, all I see one in are the reflector sunglasses… These are absolutely amazing.. giving out stunning images of the wearer. They match very well with the pristine water and the Sunny views while acting as a cooler for your eyes.




8) Footwear

You must already be knowing that the High heels are a strict No-No for Beach Holidays. They are highly uncomfortable if you try to walking on the sand in them. You can instead opt for wedge heels or simply the flats. Also its best if you choose a waterproof footwear for this purpose.

Wedge Heels



Beach Flats:




Crochet Barefoot Sandals

Well these are not exactly sandals, they are just an ornament for your feet, but they look lovely.. 🙂

b4eedab15683db0981bbd969aa69cbb2brown barefoot sandals crochet foot jewelry victorian lace sexy yoga beach poolmothers day-f86852




9) Bags

The kind of bag that you should carry always depends upon nature of carrying things with you.. I mean, more the things, bigger the bag you’ll need.


Colorful and Printed totes always look good at the beach.




imagesdownloadNew-Arrival-Fashion-Women-s-Suede-Fringe-Bag-Messenger-Bags-Tassel-Shoulder-Sling-Bag-Handbag-Ladies        4-Stunning_Slippers_Sling_Bag-13787-1
10) Jewelries

Accessorizing is good, no matter the place or the occasion..  😉
Following are a few categories of accessories that will look great if teamed up with the correct outfit at the beach.


a3c029d45ad78abde75312093ef62303img-thing (1)pwb20332img-thing




green feather drop earrings £10 DPimg-thing (2)



Neck pieces


layered-necklace-new-fashion-necklace-beadedimg-thing (3)


Well, These are just a few ways out of many in which you can style yourself for an exotic Beach Holiday.

If you’re going to a beach destination where people wont ogle at you for wearing a swimwear, you choose one well for that too.

Glam yourself up and create a beautiful memory by capturing the moments.

P.S: Dont forget to E-N-J-O-Y.

Like-Comment and Share with your friends… 🙂

Disclaimer: All the images have been sourced from the results of the google search engine. I by no means own the copyright to the images used. They belong to their indivudual owners.


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My Fair Lady (1964)

Some movies never become old.. generation after generation people have watched them and would surely be watched by generations to come. one of such movies is The 1964 classic musical My Fair Lady. Though I had known the story of this particular movie for a very long time and have even watched its Indian versions (Man Pasand in Hindi and Ogo Bodhu Sundori in Bengali)  quite a few times, this was my first experience with the original classic.


As far as the movie is concerned, 2 hrs 50 minutes for a Hollywood movie did seem a little unusual to me. But there were undoubtedly many things to look at, to listen to and think about in the movie.  Rex Harrison  as the arrogant and confident Prof. Higgings and Audrey Hepburn as the delicate duchess are outstanding in their performances. But when it came to Ms. Hepburn’s  flower seller from the slum, I found it a little loud and over the top.

There are all total of  24 songs in the movie (wiki says.. I definitely didnt count ).. I liked the music, the quirky lyrics and the comic choreography of some. The fav. coming out to be “the rain in spain” and “I could have danced all night”.

Audrey Hepburn has always been a personal favourite for her innocent looks, charm, acting skills and fashion sense.  This movie is considered to be one of the most fashionable movies of all times, thanks to Sir Cecil Beaton, who had designed the costumes, which made this movie so much of what it is.



9 13 14

one of the most talked about attraction of the movie are the hats used in the “race-course” scene… all in black & white combination, and awesomely elegant. This was one of those moments in the movie where I gaped open mouthed trying to catch glimpse of each and every detail of the costumes and those amazing head-wears.


click on the picture for clearer view






Audrey Hepburn’s Rags to riches Doolittle performance was well appreciated and I am pretty sure that many of us have watched the movie just to appreciate the charm and style of this legendary actress.

I bow to you, My Fair Lady!

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9 Places to visit in AGRA

Agra.. The most famous city of India Worldwide.. The city of Love.. The city of Taj Mahal.
But, there is much more to agra than just the Taj Mahal. Its a city rich in History. Various dynasties led to many Archaeologically beautiful monuments, presently preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

If you’ve plans of visiting AGRA in near future, make sure that you can spend here at least 2 days and 1 night, so that you can cover the lesser known but beautiful monuments too.

Listed down are the Historical monuments in and around Agra.

1) Taj Mahal (Mumtaj Mahal and shah Jahan’s Mausoleum)

This monument doesn’t need an introduction.

The Taj Mahal (Picture courtesy: Arijit Majumder)

2) Tomb of Akbar the Great

It is located at Sikandra, in the suburbs of Agra, on the Mathura road (NH2), 8 km west-northwest of the city center.
The construction of this Tomb was commenced by Emperor Akbar himself, and was later completed by his son Jahangir.
This monument is an excellent example of architecture with extensive use of Red Sandstone and White Marble. The complex starts with a Salami Gate, followed by the Jehangir Darwaza and then the final Mausoleum. Once inside the tomb and by Akbar’s grave, one can see the symmetry of this architectural wonder, where all the gates and the grave fall on a single line.

The Jehangir Darwaza (Picture Courtesy: Shatabdi Mitra)

Tomb of Akbar the Great (Picture Courtesy: Shatabdi Mitra)

There are graves of other members of the Mughal family as well inside this tomb.
The Garden inside this complex and around the monument is graced by the presence of Peacocks, Deers and Blackbucks. If you’re visiting around the migrating season, then you may come across a variety of migratory birds as well.

The Jehangir Darwaza and the Mausoleum have beautiful Marble and Sandstone inlay works (Prachin Kari or Pietra Dura) driving inspirations from Persian, Rajput and Hindu designs.

Prachin Kari on the Walls of Jahangir Darwaza (Picture Courtesy: Shatabdi Mitra)

3) Itmad-Ud-Daulla’s Tomb

Again an excellent example of Pietra Dura/Prachin kari, this is the Mausoleum of Itmad-Ud_Daula, Akbar’s Wazir (Prime Minister) and Mumtaz Mahal’s Grandfather. This monument is also known as the Baby Taj.

Tomb of Itmad-Ud-Daula (Picture Courtesy: Arijit Majumder)

4) Agra Fort

History says that the Agra Fort has been owned by many rulers.. From Hindu Kings to Muslim Invader, From Marathas to British. The Present form that we see, were mostly constructed during the rule of Akbar (The Red Sandstone parts) and were later on modified by Shah Jahan with white Marble because of his love for the same.

Agra Fort (Picture Courtesy: Shatabdi Mitra)

5) Fatehpur Sikri

Located about 37 kms from Agra, famous for Sheikh Salim Chisti’s Dargah and the Red Sandstone Palace complex of the Mughals, each and every corner of this place will make you wonder about the efficiency of the artisans who built this place.
The palace complex has various buildings dedicated to Akbar’s queens, Deewan-e-khas, Deewan-e-aam, Houses for the 9 gems from Akbar’s court, Stables, Post Office and entertainment areas.
The buildings have Intricate designs on them, inspired from Nature, Rajput, Hindu, Christian and Persian designs.

Buland Darwaza (Picture Courtesy: Shatabdi Mitra)

6) Red Taj Mahal (Grave of John Hessing)

This monument is located in the Padretola, or Padresanto, a Christian cemetery in Agra. Built by Alice Hessing on her Husband’s grave, this monument, built in Red sandstone is yet another symbol of love for the spouse. John Hessing was a military officer who served in the armies of the Maratha Empire in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Picture courtesy: Arijit Majumder

Picture Courtesy: Shatabdi Mitra
7) Mehtab Bagh

Mehtab Bagh or the moonlight garden is a garden complex on the northern side of the Taj Mahal, across river Yamuna. Visit this place for the beautiful view of the Taj Mahal reflecting in the river Water.

Picture courtesy: Arijit Majumder 

8) Tomb of Mariyam-uz-Zamani (Tomb of Harka Bai/ Jodha Bai)

This Mausoleum is about 1 km from Akbar’s tomb. This is the tomb of Akbar’s first Hindu Wife, The princess of Amer (Modern day Jaipur), Daughter of King Bharmal and the mother of Emperor Jahangir.

Picture courtesy: Arijit Majumder 

Although the tomb shows signs of negligence, its a quiet place to be around.

9) Chini ka Rauza

I was very disappointed by the present condition of this monument. Its almost in ruins with no maintenance at all.
Once decorated with designs made out of blue tiles all around, only portions are left of it. This is the tomb of Shah Jahan’s Prime Minister.
But, I was truly mesmerized when I imagined what it might have looked like while in its glory.

(Picture Courtesy: Shatabdi Mitra)

These were 9 monuments worth visiting while in Agra.
There is another temple, Radha Swami temple in Dayal Bagh which you can keep in your itinerary if you’ve time. This temple is still under construction.

Apart from the Historic monuments, Agra is also famous for its Leather craft, marble handicrafts and F-O-O-D. Enjoy your travel by indulging yourself in some great Mughal Delicacies and taking home some beautiful handcrafted souvenir.

Please post your opinion in the comments below or share the article with your friends on facebook 🙂

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10 Summer Accessories and Apparels that will make you look Glamorous Instantly

Summer in India, is pretty bad. With its high Humidity content, its a challenge to look stylish during these months. Here is an attempt to guide you through styling tips for looking your Casually b…

Source: 10 Summer Accessories and Apparels that will make you look Glamorous Instantly

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10 Summer Accessories and Apparels that will make you look Glamorous Instantly

Summer in India, is pretty bad. With its high Humidity content, its a challenge to look stylish during these months.

Here is an attempt to guide you through styling tips for looking your Casually best in Summer.

1) Scarves

Cotton Scarves should be a must have in your wardrobe during summers.
You can style it in numerous ways with your shorts, capris, jeans or culottes.
You can also style them with your Kurtas and 3/4th Leggings.

summer  accessories

photo courtesy: gorgeutiful.com

You may also look for tassels or pompoms in the scarf for that additional chic factor.


2) Hair accessories for top Knots

Most of us prefer tying our hair  up and away from our neck and shoulder if we have to go out. Why not try out some fancy hair accessories to decorate that messy bun and look super stylish without even doing much.




Or a few simple colorful hair clips to keep your hair in place.


You may also rock the evening look by sporting a bohemian look.


3) Bags

I have enough bags, said no girl ever. 😀
Summer means a lot a stuff while going out. Umbrella, Water Bottle, Sunglasses, tissues and what not. Summers also mean bright colors and attractive prints.
From sling to tote, carry a bag that meets your requirement and also makes you stand out from the crowd.

Bags by Haute Potli.

4) Trendy footwear for summers

As the hemlines go up during summers, its the best time to flaunt your trendy footwear.
You may settle down for flat sandals in bright colors or nice intricate designs. The comfortable flip-flops or our very own Mojaris from Rajasthan.




5) Sunglasses

Sunglasses, if framed properly as per your face cut, will make you look instantly like a fashionista. Be it the aviators, the round/square frames, the cat eyes, Butterfly or the wayfarers, they should be an essential part of your summer day ensemble.PhotoGrid_1457886486066

6) Belts

Source some really unique and trendy belts to team up with your jeans, culottes, palazzo, skirts, shorts and flaunt this season. They could be junk and heavily embellished or simple leather belts.



7) Umbrellas

Yes Umbrellas. Its an important accessory for Summer. Ditch those Single color boring umbrellas for some really nice and fun prints.



These were about the Summer Accessories, Now the Apparels….

1) Culottes 

Super Comfy and Super Trendy is what my personal experience with Culottes about.
Be it the solid color or printed ones.. you’re sure to fall in love with these.



2) Maxi Tops

Maxi tops are breezy.. trendy and if chosen the correct fit for the same, will make you look taller and slimmer. Team them up with your shorts or denims and raise the Fahrenheit a little more.. 😉


3) The classic kurta

Summer in India means the comfy kurta and leggings for many. You can style them in such a way that it doesnt become boring for you. Such as, you can ditch your full length leggings for 3/4th ones or the palazzo or even the culottes.
Replace the dupatta with a trendy scarf or accessorize yourself with junk jewelries.. long earrings or ear cuffs… Bangles.. Funky neck pieces etc.


Try these out and stay super cool and chic this summer… 🙂

Please share your opinions in the comments below… 🙂

Also share it on Facebook if you like the ideas.. 🙂

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Happy Women’s Day

Living in 21st Century Urban India, We belong to a generation of Confusion.. 😀
We are confused because we have an ocean of opportunities (No, I don’t mean only Indian Navy here 😛 ).. and we want to be all of them.. at the same time.. 😮
So, as expected, we’re all looking for satisfaction and happiness (now, those two are extremely heavy words.. wait, did I mention PERFECTION? ) which are probably participating in some Marathon somewhere.. 😀 😀 😀
This was about the generation.. now about the women on this Women’s day… We’re more confused than our male counterparts.. We have worked as hard as them to have the education that we do, build the career that we did, the financial independence that we have.. Still there comes a point in life, sooner or later, where we have to choose.. Choose between the life we dreamt of and the life we can have.. Lets get real, We all will stand at the fork of that road someday.. And we will be even more depressed or frustrated.. blaming the Hormones for everything 😉 😀
But until that day… Be the woman you are.. enjoy your womanhood… Dream.. Make Changes and don’t forget to LIVE.. 🙂 :-*
Happy Women’s Day 🙂 🙂


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Top 10 Things to do in the Andaman Islands

The Andaman Tourism tagline says, “Emerald, Blue and You”.. And this stands extremely true to its words. For a calm, serene and relaxed holiday with your loved ones, these Indian Coral Island are the perfect destination for you. You can also have a little bit of adventure if you love that.

Listed here are the 10 Top things to do in the Andaman group of Island:

  1. The Cellular Jail
    Situated in the middle of the city of Port Blair, near the Rajiv Gandhi water sports Complex, The Cellular jail is a wonder of architectural and Historical Importance. The trip to the cellular jail should be divided into a day trip and also a trip in the evening for the Light and Sound Show.
    During the Day trip you can have a closer look into the 3 remaining wings of the Jail, the solitary cells, the gallows and the view from the roof. You can also have an account of the Great revolutionists who were imprisoned there as their names are listed on the walls of the central tower in each floor. There are three galleries (Two at the entrance and one at the back of the jail) displaying the photographs, lines from the diaries that the revolutionaries kept, autobiographies, The model of the jail with all its initial wings etc.

    In the evening, you can witness the mesmerizing light and sound show which will take you to the Kala Pani days and let you realize the amount of sacrifice these great men have laid in order to make India a free country.

  2. Jolly Buoy Island
    Known for its crystal clear water and exotic marine life, Jolly Buoy island is a small island in the group of islands under Mahatma Gandhi National Park, Wandoor. This island is open for the tourist between October to April.. and for the rest of the months, tourists can visit the Redskin island, which is again under the same national park (This is done for the restoration and maintenance of both the islands). The Jetty for the Mahatma Gandhi National Park can be reached by Buses plying from Port Blair or by Tourist cars. The security checking here are pretty tough and you wont be allowed to take any plastic bags, water bottle or any sort of pollutant which may affect the marine life there if left behind. Also, make sure to keep your I-Card handy.
    This place is best among all of Andaman Islands for snorkeling.
    The snorkeling price starts from 300.00 INR and goes upto 1000.00 INR. Here each and every penny spent seems absolutely worth the experience you gain.
    If you ever travel to these Islands, keep the visit to Jolly Buoy in your itinerary before you travel to any other island for underwater experience.DSC_0041.JPG
    DSCF9861DSC_0033 (2).JPG
  3. Chidiya Tapu
    Located about 17 kms from Port blair (30-40 mins by car), Chidiya Tapu is known for the 360 degree view of the horizon and the amazing golden Sunset.
    Reach Chidiya Tapu by car, spend some time on the beach and prepare yourself for the 3 kms trek through the jungle to reach the southern most point of the South Andaman Island. The trek might seem a little tiring for the first timers, but when you reach the destination, all the sweating seems worth. Sit there and relax.. Forget every worry, just look at the infinity and enjoy the beautiful setting sun.


    View From Munda Pahad

    DSCF9842 - Copy

    Light House at Munda Pahad

  4. Scooter Ride in Havelock Island
    If you’re in Havelock and not exploring the island on a 2 wheeler, your stay is not worth..
    The Island has an area of approximately 114 sq.Kms. Wake up early in the morning and go on a scooty ride to the Kala Patthar beach.. Watch the Sunrise there and relax.
    Same you can do for watching the Sunset at Radhanagar Beach.


    Flowers of the Sand Binders at Kala Patthar

  5. Swimming at Radhanagar Beach.
    Radhanagar Beach was named the “Best Beach in Asia” by Time Magazine in 2004. This beautiful beach is best for swimming as it has excellent waves. The emerald green water here is alluring making it desirable and the life guards on the beach makes you feel safe about the water. The white Sand beach is perfect if you’re planning to show off your creativity by making a sand castle or two.. 😉


    Sunset at Radhanagar beach


  6. Natural Bridge at the Neil Island
    Make sure to visit this place during low tide, as the entire coral reef comes out of the water and becomes an open air aquarium. You will come across many colorful fishes, a variety of corals, star fishes, jelly fishes, Oysters etc while walking around the small pools of water created by the coral reef and rocks.


    The Natural Bridge


    Finger corals


    Mother of Pearl


    Star Fish

  7. Road trip to Diglipur
    While in the Andaman Islands, The Road trip to Diglipur from Port Blair is an excellent experience. The journey will take you through a varied landscape.. The Tropical Rain Forests (The Jarwa Reserved area), Lush Green Fields, Mangrove Forests, Coconut & Betel nut Orchards and also make you cross the only River (Kalpong River) of the North Andaman Island . You’ll be taking the Andaman Trunk Road which is Parallel to the coast of Andaman Sea in few parts. It takes an entire day to cover the 290 Kms distance between Port Blair and Diglipur. On way you can visit the Limestone caves and the Mud Volcano.
  8. Ross and Smith Island
    The Ross and Smith Islands in Diglipur (North Andaman) are joined by a sand bar.. or so it looks like.. The scenic beauty here is very romantic with pristine blue water and white sand. Take a walk on the sand bar to reach the Ross Island and go crazy clicking pictures.


    Sand Bar

  9. Jogger’s Park
    The Jogger’s Park in Port Blair is a must visit because of it location. The Park is located on a hilltop overlooking the runway of the Vir Savarkar Airport. The view is mesmerizing.. and It will also be an experience of a lifetime if you manage to watch a flight while landing or taking off.


    View From Jogger’s Park

  10. Wandoor Beach, Port Blair.
    Wandoor Beach in the afternoon, till the sun sets, is just like a painting. The shallow and still water here creates a beautiful mirror like reflection of the sun and clouds above. During low tide, if you walk towards the southern side of the beach, you will come across low creeks beautifully carved by the flowing water of the sea. Visit this place to appreciate the Beauty of Nature.


    Reflection at Wandoor Beach


    I have listed down the Top 10 things to do.. There are other places and activities too Like SCUBA or Sea Walking at North Bay, Trip to the Administrative Ross Island, Viper Island, Anthropological Museum, Chhatam Saw Mill, Samudrika, Fisheries Museum, Morcedera and Aamkunj Horizon view spots etc.
    If you’ve any other favorite spot in Andaman Islands, Pls post in comments below.. 🙂

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The Kiss

The Kiss

(Dream Diary by Shatabdi Mitra)

Walking alone was she
Through a mountain pass
For she loved the lonely Green
A place she dreamt in her Dream

The silence of the sky
The beauty of the Trees
The mist in the Air
Walked with her through the Breeze

The fragrance of the orchids
The smell of the earth
Made her feel jolly
Like the brook in the valley

She looked for the waterfall
Like she had in her dream
But it seemed to have vanished
As (she thought) it was just a dream.. just a dream

She heard the thundering water
As she walked through the lonely green
She ran towards the source of sound
To see the place from her dream.

The white water of the fall
The blue pool beneath
Filled her heart with childlike joy
Amidst the lonely green.

She looked around for the rocks
Which had served as the seats
A smile spread across her face
When she recalled her dream

They were right there
Beside the Pink orchids
To her surprise, she saw
The man of her dreams.. from her dreams

Its too good to be real (She thought)
As she walked towards him
The smile on his face
Was as sweet as the Dream.

They looked at each other
With love in their eyes
As he bent down to kiss her lips
She woke up from her dream..

Oh! It was again the dream.. just a dream… what a lovely Dream…

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